Who are we?

Pleasanton Action Network (PAN) is an organization committed to promoting civic participation and reform in Pleasanton. Our organization primarily includes former students from both Amador Valley HS and Foothill HS, many of whom have backgrounds in engaging with our community through organizations like Interact, Key Club, and the “We the People” competition civics team. Although Pleasanton is a great city and we are very fortunate to have lived here, we recognize that there is room for improvement, especially now. To make these changes a reality, we began this organization to advocate for research-based policy changes. Our hope is to empower current and former PUSD students to actively interact with city government.

Our main goals include the following:

Research: The path to empowering student voices begins by gathering detailed information about the issues at hand. We conduct thorough reviews of city documents and academic research to gain insight into the source of current issues in Pleasanton, such as police brutality and transparency, and potential solutions to these problems.

Education: We want to make Pleasanton’s government more accessible and comprehensible to residents by disseminating clear and accurate information about Pleasanton’s current elected officials, candidates in the upcoming election, major city issues, and the operations of the government itself.

Outreach: We are actively reaching out to current councilmembers, candidates, community organizations, and other members of the community to talk to them and learn about their stories and platforms. We participate in city council meetings to encourage our government to produce change at a local level. We also encourage residents outside of PAN to attend city council meetings, contact their representatives, and, most importantly, vote.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: pleasantonactionnetwork@gmail.com

Social Media:
Facebook Page – Pleasanton Action Network
Instagram – @pleasantonactionnetwork
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpfeYz37IiUq5IcKwW28nTw