Valerie Arkin

As we near the election, Pleasanton Action Network has conducted many meetings with our city council candidates. This is our final report on Valerie Arkin. To see our report card, please visit @pleasantonactionnetwork on Instagram.

Affordable Housing

Valerie considers herself an affordable housing advocate, and was a proponent of building such developments near the BART station and Stoneridge Mall. She supports mixed-use, inclusionary, and senior housing, as well as housing for those with special needs. Ms. Arkin is also an advocate of controlled growth policies that mitigate impacts to schools, traffic, and water; she is especially interested in protecting Pleasanton’s hillsides and open space. She opposes Pleasanton’s policy of allowing developers to pay a fee in lieu of building affordable housing.


Valerie lists rebuilding our community post- COVID-19 as her top priority. To do this, she supports expanding grants to small businesses, and backs Pleasanton’s partnership with CityServe to expand rental assistance grants and help the homeless. Mrs. Arkin would also look to the county for more help, push for increased testing and contact tracing, and study other communities to find examples of policies Pleasanton could adopt.


Valerie thinks that a review of police policies is long overdue. She also believes that mental health professionals are needed in situations where people are in crisis. Moreover, Mrs. Arkin wants more oversight of police, citing her work increasing transparency on the school board as a model for public agencies. Lastly, she believes that, especially in the context of the situation in Portland, the use of riot gear and militarization is not a good idea against peaceful protestors.


Valerie believes that we need to build more schools to correspond to an increase in our city’s population. As a board member for 12 years, she wants to continue the partnership between the City and School Board.