Randy Brown

As we near the election, Pleasanton Action Network has conducted many meetings with our city council candidates. This is our final report on Randy Brown. To see our report card, please visit @pleasantonactionnetwork on Instagram.


Prior to living in Pleasanton, Randy Brown was a US Coast Guard veteran and has been a local real estate professional and small business owner in Pleasanton for 20 years. But he has also been involved in the community in numerous ways, including serving as chairman of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and being the former President of the Pleasanton North Rotary Club. He has also worked with many local organizations such as Sunflower Hill, Agape Villages, ValleyCare and Pleasanton Military Families.

Affordable Housing

Randy supports creating a task force to specifically deal with properly zoning areas around Pleasanton to meet the requirements of the upcoming RHNA cycle. Many candidates and elected officials have looked into developing the roughly 300 acres in East Pleasanton to fulfill these requirements, but Randy hopes to not overburden any part of Pleasanton and prefers a more geographically balanced approach. Part of this approach would probably include having more affordable housing in the Stoneridge area, which would be beneficial given its proximity to transportation such as BART and the highway. In general, Randy believes that affordable housing should be prioritized for our workforce, veterans, and the developmentally disabled and that housing for all stages of life should be constructed.

Randy doesn’t believe in challenging the state on these RHNA numbers, but wants to try and work with them on future legislation and opportunities to make sure Pleasanton can preserve local control. While Pleasanton obviously has to abide by laws set by higher levels of government, Randy would like the city to have the flexibility to determine how to best solve our affordable housing issues.


In terms of addressing the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Randy said he was part of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce’s effort to close down Main Street on the weekends. He commended the small business relief program enacted by the city council, but said the city could do more. Randy supported the effort many downtown businesses made to cross-promote each other’s businesses to inspire citizens to spend more locally, which is something the city should look into being a part of as well. He also thinks the city should do what it can to streamline procedures and “remove red tape” for small businesses to help them open up.


Like the other city council candidates, Randy does not support defunding the Pleasanton Police Department nor does he support having a citizens oversight commission, as he believes it would become too political. He instead believes the best improvement the PPD could make would be to add mental health professionals to the police department, preferably through a PERT style model. Randy also supports having more meetings and conversations between the public and the police and supports the recently passed Chief’s Advisory Board for the PPD.

Major Endorsements

Pleasanton Police Officers’ Association

Alameda County Republican Party

Mayor Jerry Thorne