Nancy Allen

As we near the election, Pleasanton Action Network has conducted many meetings with our city council candidates. This is our final report on Nancy Allen. To see our report card, please visit @pleasantonactionnetwork on Instagram.


The debate over building Home Depot was Nancy’s formative experience in politics; while the City Council approved it at first, she organized a group of 200 residents to ask the city to reconsider. The body sided with her, and it showed Ms. Allen the importance of an active citizenry and the power of developers and special interests.

Affordable Housing

Nancy believes there is no simple answer to resolving the city’s housing issues. She notes challenges such as affordable housing not being profitable for developers and the state pulling back money for development. Mrs. Allen says that when Pleasanton approves larger housing projects, 15-20% of that housing is required to be affordable, a policy she agrees with. However, she is concerned the city often chooses to take discounted in lieu fees instead of having developers build units; she prefers we build instead.


Nancy supported expanding the small business loan program to respond to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. She would also like to engage in dialogue with property owners, the Chamber of Commerce, and the city to look at redevelopment in the future and make some areas more vibrant. She also supports a universal, city-wide mask mandate.


Nancy supports strong public review of the Pleasanton Police Department, which she thinks is essential for any public agency. She also believes “it’s just good government” to have some independent oversight, and is a firm believer in transparency. If elected, she would seek alternative models for handling mental health crises that put social workers and mental health experts in the forefront.