Chiman Lee

As we near the election, Pleasanton Action Network has conducted many meetings with our city council candidates. This is our final report on Chiman Lee. To see our report card, please visit @pleasantonactionnetwork on Instagram.


The son of Hong Kong immigrants and the youngest of 3 siblings, Chiman Lee grew up nearby in San Francisco. After graduating from community college and taking up several blue-collar jobs, Chiman’s interest in technology led him towards a career in IT. In 2008, he became a Technical Service Manager for the e-waste recycling startup GreenCitizen. As his success with the company grew, he was promoted to Director of Sustainability and is currently Direct of Operations at the Northern California for Corporate eWaste Solutions. With his wife, Julia, and 2 boys, Chiman moved to the Val Vista area of Pleasanton in 2014 and served on the Economic Vitality Committee from 2016 to 2020. He has been involved in the community ever since and is now running for City Council.

Affordable Housing

Chiman supports eliminating in-lieu fees for housing developers — when developing housing projects, developers currently have the option of paying a fee to the city to avoid having to build any affordable housing as part of their project — or would “make it so high that it’s just not practical for them to not build affordable housing.”

Chiman believes Pleasanton has a lot of opportunities to fulfill our next cycle of RHNA numbers. Like others, he supports zoning land in East Pleasanton but also believes Pleasanton can partner with Workday to help build more high density housing in the Stoneridge area.


While Chiman believes the city “has done a great job with the small business loans,” he would support expanding the city’s economic relief efforts to beyond just downtown businesses. He proposes creating a task force of people who can help small businesses navigate through COVID-19 rules and regulations and recommend to the council other relief measures they could pass as well.


While he believes bias does exist in policing, Chiman feels that the PPD has been doing a good job. Chiman is against defunding the police but supports providing more mental health resources in our city. Chiman recognizes that many threats officers have to respond to, namely school shooters, suffer from poor mental health and believes that a proactive approach — not a reactive one — is the best way to address such issues. But he believes that School Resource Officers are still needed on school campuses for public safety.

Major Endorsements

Tri-Valley Asian Association