To Our Community

Thank you.

Thank you to the kids who decorated their skateboard in support of Black Lives Matter; to the biker who circled around the protest loop 3 or 4 times; to the passersby who shared their kind words and stood with us; to the people chanting from their sunroofs; to everyone who beeped their horns in a symphony of honks across Pleasanton; to everyone who decorated their cars and proudly held up their signs; to EVERYONE and ANYONE who showed up today—thank you.

What we’ve seen today is heartwarming and inspiring—to know that so many of us stand together in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Let’s make meaningful change happen. This movement is not over: we must keep fighting. The work and the momentum does not end here. Continue to donate, advocate, educate, and protest until black voices are heard. We refuse to rest until we achieve justice for all.

Today was a huge show of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley. This is but a single part of a national and international movement for ending antiblack racism. This is a national movement, and your voice makes a difference.

If you’re interested in keeping up with local Black Lives Matter outreach and activism in the Tri-Valley, please sign up for our email list on our website.

We’re currently compiling a list of charities, petitions, and protests in the Bay Area, which we will share shortly. We encourage you to continue actively pushing for justice. We cannot be passive. No justice, no peace.