Mayoral Forum Recap Article

Mayoral Forum Recap Article

Last Saturday (10/10), the Pleasanton Action Network along with Genesis of the Tri-Valley, co-hosted a virtual mayoral forum featuring all 4 active candidates running for Pleasanton Mayor: Karla Brown, Monith Ilavarasan, Jerry Pentin, and Tom Turpel. This was the only forum during this election season to feature all 4 active candidates.

The forum was co-moderated by Aayush Singh of the Pleasanton Action Network and Father Ron Culmer of Genesis of the Tri-Valley, but individual speakers from each group were brought on to ask prepared questions as well.

The forum consisted of 5 pre-written questions ranging from topics like policing to COVID-19 to affordable housing, but also included 3 questions selected and vetted by PAN from a pool of questions submitted by audience members. The candidates were given 1 minute for opening statements, 2 minutes to respond to the pre-written questions, and 1 minute for the questions submitted by the community.

The forum also featured a brief public service announcement on voting during the pre-written questions section given by Jemiya Jacob, an intern for Genesis. Because Genesis of the Tri-Valley is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a strict standard of nonpartisanship was maintained in every part of the forum.

Around 150 people in total registered for the forum. While Zoom could only hold a maximum of 100 attendees, the remaining attendees unfortunately could not watch the forum through a YouTube livestream due to technical difficulties. However, a recording of the forum was saved and uploaded to YouTube for everyone unable to attend the forum to watch.

Here is the link to the recording.

We’d like to thank all the candidates and attendees for showing up to our forum, as well as a special thanks to the following members of the Pleasanton Action Network and Genesis of the Tri-Valley for all their hard work and contributions to all of this:

Pleasanton Action Network: Aayush Singh, Peixuan Xie, Kevin Andrews, Emma Reddy, Krishnamitra Prakash, Rishabh Raj, Robin Hwang, Megan Chung, and Aaron Guerra.

Genesis of the Tri-Valley: Mary Lim-Lampe, Father Ron Culmer, Jesse Choi, Cesar Ledesma, Terry Young, Brendan Carr, and Jemiya Jacob.

And a special thanks to Isaac Elias, for starting all of this!